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Black Friday – perfect time to buy premium gadgets

Black Friday (Black Friday) – traditional global sale the last Friday of November, symbolizes the beginning of Christmas discounts. On this day, the majority of large online stores give buyers the opportunity to buy almost any product at a discounted price which you cannot do in everyday life. Buying it on Black Friday, you can save a lot of money.

A few weeks ago rocked the 11.11 sale on AliExpress in honor of the world day of shopping. As it turned out, unfortunately, a lot of sellers have acted dishonestly, in advance of raising prices, then reducing them to normal and putting the marked “Sale”. But as we know to find interesting products at the best prices on this day, many still managed.

Russian Black Friday is significantly different from the American view not such a huge number of discounts and promotional range. This year it started on 24 November and will last until 27 November. As in the case of 11.11 of the sellers under the guise of selling just inflated price tags, then to show the required 50% -60% discount. But we who have seen such manipulation of the price lists, prepared in advance.

To start preparing for the sale is with budget planning. First make sure that the account a sufficient amount of money for desired purchases. Scroll to a specific amount, to exceed which it is impossible to buy really necessary goods, rather than happily buy everything marked “Sale”. Also don’t forget about the list of products, because to get lost among thousands of the best deals is very easy. Write down all the desired products, and then highlight the primary and the ones that could be bought, but only at a very good price. Create shopping plan and budget allocation will help not to get lost in the confusion and acquire only the necessary things. Also it would be nice to know in advance which goods will be promotional, not to miss the best discount, it is better to register in the sales. In any case, it is necessary to select stores where you buy, see products, compare the prices and get used to the navigation.

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Although the prices on Black Friday and so as low as possible, it is always nice to get additional bonus in the form of cashback service LetyShops. The essence of cashback that when you purchase you get a percentage of money back. Once there it is a fair question: “what is the benefit of cash back?”. It is actually very simple – the service attracts a huge number of buyers in shops which in turn share profits.

Following the campaign, 11.11 users LetyShops was made about 900 thousand orders with the total number of participants of 130 000 people, maximum cashback was 94 401 rubles, and this, in a second price MacBook Pro Retina 2015. Due to this the number of attracted customers, and 2 millions of registered users, guys from the Fly was able to negotiate with the largest (and only) shops about exclusive discounts. As well as all partners LetyShops discounts and cashback are different, we took the expected discount of up to 10% cashback up to 5%, where the numbers are more, somewhere less, so that’s average. We believe that such discounts can be counted in the category of electronics and technology.

Most people ask the question: “What is most advantageous to buy on Black Friday?”. Unlike 11.11 on this sale in the first place is to pay attention to the top of the device or devices with a good discount, which you can buy in familiar shops with warranty and service.

For example, Huawei in its branded store give you excellent discounts on Huawei Honor 8 and nova competing for the title if not the leaders, standing very close to him. All users in the campaign period will be able to save for 3 000 rubles for the purchase of these phones. And who will take advantage of LetyShops will receive a discount of 1 000 rubles on the promo code that is already on the clearance page and everything added bonus cashback 5% — a nice savings, anyway.

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In “M. Video” the laptop is a Dell XPS 13 with touch, Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD can be purchased for 80 990 rubles, although its normal price is 90 000 rubles. If you subtract the percentage of cashback, the final amount will be 76 940 rubles.

Last year’s flagship Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB you can buy in the “Connected” 49 491 rubles, which is 5 500 rubles. less than the regular price, with the cashback you will save another 5% and eventually pay 47 000 RUB.

It is worth noting that in LetyShops has several surprises in store. Those with 24 to 27 November will make at least one order with the use of the service will automatically become a member of the lottery with a prize Fund of 1 000 000 rubles. 500 000 rubles will be distributed between buyers who received 500 rubles cashback. The service also holds the drawing 35 prizes:

  • 5 iPhone 6s 64 GB
  • 10 action cameras GoPro HERO + LCD
  • 10 table grills Tefal
  • 10 books PocketBook 614 Basic 2 Grey

To get one of the prizes, enough to register on a special page and during the sale to make any purchase using the service. After you will only have to wait for the drawing, which will take place on 28 November at 15:00 GMT.

Black Friday is a good time to buy what you need at a nice price. And with the cashback service LetyShops the opportunity to participate in the drawing of valuable prizes.

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