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“Black Friday” in Russia: the most popular ways of “divorce” of buyers

Russia is the biggest online sale of the year. As an idea borrowed from the USA, has taken root in Russia, and who is to gain more buyers or sellers?

“Black Friday” – the biggest online sale of the year – started Thursday night. What it is, can be described on the example of iron, which is with 30% discount weekly sales sells well-known hypermarket. He asked for it 6 990 rubles. The same store in “Yandex” advertises the same iron without the discount for the price of 5 919 rubles.

The official Microsoft store sells the Lumia 640 LTE for 10 990 rubles the Specified initial price of 12 990 rubles, and 15% discount. However, in ordinary days, this smartphone can be bought for 11 990 rubles it Turns out that this discount is not 15%, and 7.5%.

M. Video offers the ASUS X552WA-BING-SX137B for 17 990 rubles. the Declared initial price of 20 990 rubles. However, the market price of this model in area 18 900 rubles.

“Svyaznoy” offers to buy the recorder Tascam DR-05 for 9990 rubles For the goods are two discounts: 10% as part of the “Black Friday” and other 3%. Ordinarily, the gadget can be bought in ONLINE TRADE.ROO almost 20% cheaper.

Chinese retailer put promotional price of Kingston flash drives in 32Gb at $15.7 per share (a little more than 1000 rubles). The price is the same stick in Wikimart — 681 ruble at any time.

In some shops the goods “was not available” at the start of sales. For example, Ulmart at 21:05, five minutes after the actual start of sales, has already been shown that the products at the “best price” no, and offered to buy a “similar”.

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Sale price exclusive edition Might & Magic Heroes VII at Media Markt – 1999 rubles. While nerasprodannye the price – 1499 rubles.

In the Internet appeared the story of MediaMarkt that was going to sell smartphones Oysters for 99 rubles. Running ads on TV, the retailer is suddenly faced with increased demand for the device and was forced to change shoes on the go. Changing the rules of the campaign, the retailer began to sell one phone in one pair of hands and only in their offline outlets. The author of the note observes that in the Internet he was able to detect only three of the success story of the purchase of the smartphone.

Another way to increase sales on “Black Friday” is to increase prices on neaktsionnye products. So, 25 November the iPad Air 2 64 GB WiFi+Cellular Gold was worth 47 rubles. 989 However, on Friday it went up by as much as 5 730 rubles and was worth 53 719 rubles In the shares of the tablet did not participate.

As you can see, the biggest online sale this year is exactly the same as in the past. Sellers collect illiquid, raise the price tag, and then dumped it all in front of excited customers. Editorial shopaholics for sale domestic online look sadly. Professionals say that our “Black Friday” has nothing to do with this.

By the way, “Black Friday” for Russian buyers of foreign goods. Customs officials announced the fees for online purchases. For all that more expensive 22 euros, you will have to pay another 15 euros on top. And for the purchase of 150 euros and above will be added 30% of the purchase price. In General, no benefit. One upset.

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