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Bixby delivered a rap that she’s better than Siri [video]

About two weeks ago the stores began sending Samsung Galaxy S8 to those who pre-order. On the eve of Samsung activated on smartphones technology Bixby on the territory of South Korea. And the first video uploaded by users to the Network, show that a virtual assistant can perform songs in the style of hip-hop.

How do I find the owners of Galaxy S8, voice assistant Bixby not only knows how to rap, but doing something like a beatbox. For this it is necessary to ask the voice assistant to do this, of course, in Korean. With this cocky rookie said that he’s better than Siri.

In the video below Bixby reads a few strings that can be translated as follows:

“That doesn’t change with time

Bixby in the rhythm

See — that’s not all. You know, when I say

Please tell me again, Bixby

I’m going to rap so sing me a song

Keep it deep in your heart, Bixby

It doesn’t matter if you can’t spell

Please tell me again, Bixby”.

In the Korean version of the first letters of each line compose phrase that translates as “I’m better than Siri.”

Earlier it was reported that in the process of testing Samsung decided to postpone the launch of the English version of Bixby at the end of may.

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