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Bitwalking app pays users money for the walk

There are different ways to encourage people to do sports: the developers introduce different reward systems for achievements, sharing results in social services, competitions with friends. Startup Bitwalking decided to encourage users to exercise by using cash payments.

To work with the service, you must install a mobile app that will accrue a special currency – Bitwalk-dollars – into the account of the user based on the data embedded in the smartphone pedometer or fitness wristband. Having 10,000 steps a person will receive one unit of virtual currency.

As I believe the creators of the service, the app will allow users from developed countries earn about 15 cryptolab a month, and residents of developing countries, which are much more go on foot, you can count on the amount of 30 cryptolab.

Currently the system is in test mode, however, anyone can request to participate. Bitwalk official rate of the dollar against the real currency yet, but according to the authors in the near future users will be able to redeem your earned Bitwalk- $ various items or cash out your earnings.

The creators of the application has already attracted investments from Japanese investors in the amount of $10 million, and in the future we plan to establish cooperation with manufacturers of sporting goods.

To request a download of the mobile client Bitwalk on the developers website. The app is available for iOS and Android platforms.

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