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BitTorrent has released an application for quick file sharing between iOS, Android and Windows Phone [video]

The developer of the popular Protocol Torrent for p2p file sharing, BitTorrent, has released a new app Shoot. Development is intended to quickly share files between multiple smartphones.

The program is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone allows you to quickly transfer photos and videos by scanning the QR codes. File sharing is done anonymously and directly between devices on BitTorrent technology, so the file size is not limited and don’t want to load them on third-party servers. You do not need to register on the service.

Shoot looks pretty promising though the fact that they are available for all major mobile platforms. But while she has two limitations. First, you can only transfer image and video files. And secondly, the program is free only for the first three gears, and then you must pay a $1.99. However, if the user sends and receives the content, it is possible to use Shoot free.

To see how BitTorrent can Shoot for a promotional video below:

Download BitTorrent Shoot for iOS, Android and Windows Phone at this link.

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