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Bill gates forbade his children to use smartphones

The head of Microsoft and the richest man in the world bill gates forbade his children to use smartphones to 14 years. His example is followed by many leaders of IT-companies, who fear the negative influence of electronic gadgets on children’s health.

In an interview with British newspaper the Mirror, gates said that in his family set the time of day after which is not allowed to use electronic gadgets that children would be more likely to fall asleep. He said that his own children, he was forbidden to use electronic devices before they were 14 years old.

Bill gates has three children: 20-year-old Jennifer, a 14-year-old Phoebe and 17-year-old Rory. All of them were related to restrictions on the use of electronics. “We set a time after which you cannot use the gadgets. In their case, it helps to sleep at a reasonable time,” — said the head of Microsoft.

Gates explained that he tries to make children used smartphones to useful lessons — for example, homework or chatting with friends.

“We do not use mobile phones when eating at the table, he said. We were not given smartphones our children until they turned 14 years old. They complained that the other children received them before.”

Gates didn’t specify, what brand are the members of his family. However, in 2012, his wife Melinda said that the children of gates allowed to use Apple products, “the Wealth of our family came from Microsoft so why should we give money to a competitor?”

Later bill gates said her words, saying that their children are not asking about Apple products. “They are happy with their Windows Phone,” he said.

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It is known that the founder of Apple Steve jobs forbid his kids from the overuse of technological devices, including the iPad. According to biographer Walter Issacson every night jobs with children gathered at the table for the discussion of books and history. Nobody used tablet or computer.

The example of gates and jobs is followed by many heads of technology companies. So, CEO of 3D Robotics Chris Anderson introduced the parental control and limited time on all electronic devices in the house. He is in his see, the consequences of too close interaction with electronic gadgets. According to Anderson, the danger of new technologies is in harmful content and appears dependent on electronic innovations.

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