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Bill gates admitted to copying with Windows and Mac

Bill gates said that when creating the operating systems Windows and Mac OS he and Apple co-founder Steve jobs didn’t copy each other — they were both inspired by the achievements of Xerox PARC. About Microsoft co-founder said at a session of questions and answers AMA.

According to gates, Xerox was able to create the best at the time graphical user interface. This allowed him and Steve jobs to understand what should be a good computer and operating system.

In the discussions the members told about his confidence that one of them borrowed the invention. However, they indicated that were unaware of the existence of a common source of inspiration.

“We do not violate intellectual property rights. Xerox your invention just showed us the path that led to the creation of Mac and Windows,” gates said.

As you know, in 1983 at a computer show Comdex Microsoft made a big announcement. The company bill gates presented a new based on mouse control, graphical environment. The product is called Windows. Was also announced a special mouse designed to work in Microsoft Word.

Learning about Windows, jobs was furious. “Immediately bill gates to me! He should explain it all! I want to see him tomorrow in this hall in the afternoon!” he said.

The next day, gates was at a specified time and found myself alone surrounded by ten Apple employees. Having sustained a pause, Steve shouted at bill, “I trusted you and you stole from us!”

“Steve, it so happened that we got into the house of a rich neighbor named Xerox. I broke into it to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it,” said gates.

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