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Big update Viber for iOS: disappearing messages, upload photos without compression, interactive notifications

Messenger Viber announced the biggest update client for Apple mobile devices. Among the innovations of the program declared support for disappearing messages, send media files without any compression, support for interactive notifications iOS 10 and a short video.

The function “self-destruct” can be activated for any photo or video in Viber by clicking the appropriate icon. Enabling this option will starts the shooting mode photo or video, which will automatically disappear from the message Board after viewing. To the “disappearing” frame, you can add a signature. After sending confirmation, data is transferred to the interlocutor. Mode will only work for the selected conversation, not all users in Viber, and can be disabled at any time.

The second new feature of the messenger involves the transmission of content without compression. In particular, it allows you to send original photos and videos without loss of quality. Function again optionally, the user can enable or disable it when sending.

Interactive notifications iOS 10 Viber

Updated Viber has received support interactive notifications iOS 10. First notice, that can be answered without going into the app appeared in the iOS 9. In the tenth edition of the OS, Apple introduced even more functional alerts: you can now view the chat content without having to go to Viber.

In addition, the updated Viber allows you to record short video messages up to 30 seconds. Record and send a video just a function built into the chat window. Mode is activated by a single press with the hold on the send button. When activated, automatically starts up the front camera and not basic, like send a video.

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According to VTSIOM, messenger Viber is one of the most popular means of communication in Russia. The application is applicable for most mobile devices running iOS, Android, Windows and macOS.

Download Viber for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch for free at this link.

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