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Bethesda has presented the official keyboard for iOS with 60 Emoji in the style of Fallout

Bethesda Softworks decided to make a surprise to fans of the Fallout universe. In addition to the beer and beverage Fallout Nuka-Cola Quantum, which will be sold in the UK and the US, the Studio released the official keyboard for Apple gadgets. Keyboard Fallout CHAT is completely free and available for both iPhone and iPad with iOS 8.4 and above.

Keyboard called CHAT, which stands for “asynchronous telecommunicator emergency”. She has 60 Emoji in the style of the popular game.

“Tired of looking at boring standard keys? Then use the new “Walt-Tech” Extraordinary Asynchronous TDD. Bring to a conversation the spirit of Fallout, using a special keyboard with special text styles, 60 + Emoji, and animated pictures about Walt’s pants. Mash your fingers, install the CHAT and show everyone that there is no more ardent fan of Fallout than you!”

Ahead of the release of Fallout 4, is scheduled for November 10, in a Network appears more and more information about the project. Already you can find a list of all perks with a description of each, information about the world and mechanics, and a lot of screenshots. But all these data are unofficial and made available to the public due to the fact that someone has stolen copy of the game before the official release.

Representatives of Bethesda has asked gamers not to distribute the content online. Vice-President Pete Hines shared his thoughts on this. In his words, he was “very upset” due to the leak. “It’s like you overcame someone unpacks your Christmas presents in November”, – he wrote in his microblog. Hines noted that it is better to play Fallout 4 myself, than to watch as someone does it.

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