Best works from the festival Stenograffia-2019 in Yekaterinburg

2010, the international festival Stenograffia is held in Yekaterinburg. Over the past few years, it has become one of the largest in Russia, bringing together more than 400 artists and helpers, and throughout Russia more than 500 art objects flaunts.

Selection of the best works

Time contrasts

Author: Revenge, Yekaterinburg

Location: Lunacharsky 87


Author: Danila Shmelev

Location: March 8, 8B

We are not alone

Posted by: Fanakapan, United Kingdom

Location: Popova, 9

Dispersion number 5

Author: Artyom Stefanov, Moscow

Location: Shartashskaya 9

Build bridges not walls

Authors: Benny Nast and the team Labor Fou, Germany

Location: Ekaterinburg, Kuznetsova, 2B


Posted by: Ampparito, Spain

Location: Krasnolesie, 139

Wall of angels

Authors: Maria Khardikova and Vyacheslav Belov, Rostov-on-Don

Location: March 8, 22/1

Ekaterinburg is very lucky with talented artists and we hope that utilities will not paint it a week later. Do you have something like that in town? In Minsk, for example, artists from different countries paint the whole street once a year and everything is accompanied by the Brazilian carnival.

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