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Best smartphones of 2015: who can compete with the iPhone 6s

The most popular IT on YouTube videoblogger Marques Brownlee, and Jonathan Morrison has released a video for “Best smartphones of 2015”, which talked about the top communicators of the outgoing year, according to different criteria. Here’s what they got.

As three of the best smartphones Morrison called Nexus 6P, iPhone 6s Plus and Moto X Pure Edition. In his opinion, 6P hardly pushed this rating Galaxy Note 5 with a stunning camera, which always lacked the line of Nexus. The author also appreciated the build quality of the device is very fast and the fingerprint scanner.

iPhone 6s Plus has received high marks for performance A9 processor, capacious battery and excellent optimization of hardware and software of the camera.

Moto X Pure Edition, according to Morrison, the best smartphone mid-range segment with a much improved camera compared to previous generations of the Moto X. He also liked the traditional Motorola customization options new flagship devices.

Unlike Morrison, just told him about the three best smartphones, Marques Brownlee has distributed devices by category.

Here is a brief list of awards won by its rating:

  • Best compact smartphone: Apple’s iPhone 6s. A few years ago, smartphone with a 4.7-inch screen was considered huge, but today the display size of the iPhone 6s smaller than most flagship devices.
  • Best phablet: Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The author praised shell Android from Samsung and noted many useful features that the manufacturer added to the system. This is surprising, since software solution from Samsung has often been the subject of criticism for many years.
  • Best camera phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
  • Best budget smartphone: the OnePlus H. For his $250 smartphone offers excellent build quality and excellent performance.
  • The smartphone with the largest autonomyMotorola Droid Maxx.
  • Most progress: BlackBerry with BlackBerry smartphone Priv.
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Detailed rating smartphones from Brownlee you can see in the video below.

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