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Best smart alarm clock for iOS first became available for free

What did not come up with humanity for the pleasure of sleep and ease the unpleasant for most of us the process of awakening. How easy and na tural awakening, our mood depends not only on the day but for a longer period when there is an accumulation of negative emotions, and, consequently, reduced efficiency and loss of positive mood. The ability to Wake up transformed into a very serious social problem.

Alarm clock Smart Alarm Clock is a fundamentally new approach to awakening and a good night’s rest. The application was developed specifically to iPhone owners woke up rested and full of energy. Not for nothing it received the Editor’s Choice award from Apple.

Our sleep is cyclical and can be divided into certain stages, the so-called phase of sleep. During the night we pass through two main stages of sleep: slow and fast. The fast phase is characterized by high brain activity, this phase is when we dream. REM sleep is also called REM-phase, a phase of rapid eye movement or REM phase.

The slow phase, in turn, is divided into light, medium and deep sleep. This is the phase of our sleep in which to Wake us up extremely difficult, the body is almost not moving, and the body is gaining strength for a new day.

Optimal Wake-up point is the transition from the slow phase to fast, and Vice versa. Further study revealed the dependence of each phase of our sleep and movements produced in her. Thus, the movements of the person in the dream, it is possible to determine the current phase of sleep, and, as a result. optimal Wake-up moment.

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Smart Alarm Clock is the first app that cares about your health, it allows you to relax better and easier awakening in the morning. This puts the sleep phase alarm clocks apart from the regular program in iOS is just a different type of program.

Have Smart Alarm Clock does not have any contraindications or side effects, it is only an advanced alarm clock. The program can make life significantly more pleasant, if it hadn’t been a painful morning rise, weekdays wouldn’t seem so horrible even compared to the weekend.

Rating the app in the App Store is 4 and a half stars. For a limited time-Smart Alarm Clock (149 RUB) can be downloaded for free.

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