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Best product by Apple under Tim Cook?

56-year-old Tim cook has led Apple about six years ago shortly before the death of its founder Steve jobs. Before coming to CEO cook was practically unknown outside the company and few expect that he will take up the role of head of Apple. Anyway, all these years Tim cook was respectful to the legacy of Steve jobs and honor his memory, however, in decisions guided solely by their knowledge and experience. Under his leadership, Apple invented and occupied a new niche of tablets. In the publication Life sure iPad Pro is the best product in the era of Tim cook.

Since 2010, when Steve jobs revealed the first iPad, Apple’s goal remained unchanged: the company wanted to make a tablet that is ideal not only for consumption but also for content creation. Jobs understood that the big format touch screen will not live long, and therefore sought to devise a universal and indispensable device.

For starters had the adaptation of applications with Mac (Pages, Numbers, GarageBand), but this injection of Goodies was not eternal. By 2015, the tablet market has changed dramatically. Popular small and cheap devices aimed, again, solely on consumption. People have used these tablets for watching movies, browsing and reading, and content creation was just writing without editing (for example, lectures at the University).

Such a scenario objectively did not leave the tablets a chance. You can verify this, if you look at the stagnating market of tablets on Android. There are almost no competitive and original devices: instead, manufacturers focused on the production of phablets. But Tim cook did not surrender in favor of the iPhone Plus and tried to revive the industry of tablets with the iPad Pro.

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This gadget, introduced in September 2015, and the first reviews were very cautious. Some journalists claimed that Apple banal has increased the display (from 9.7 to 12.9 inches) and have not added anything new. Others stressed that the new iPad will never replace laptops due to high prices and the lack of a mouse. But as you know, if we are talking about Apple, the funeral predictions come true is extremely rare.

Now we can say that the bet Tim cook certainly played. First, at the expense of the Pro model significantly increased the average price tag for all iPads (was $ 400, was 430). Second, Apple made some good money on branded accessories (expensive keyboards and stylus pens-pencils). Thirdly they proved that tablets can still be developed.

The last point is the most important. For half a year, the iPad Pro has sold relatively small circulation (less than 10 million), but gained his fan base. Of course, among the owners Pro there are also those who took the tablet to show the children cartoons on the big screen, but experienced and demanding users still more.

These people are immersed in the topic, you chose iPad Pro and do not regret it. As it turned out, Apple really tried to make slim, compact and powerful tablet became a full-fledged tool. All important reforms iOS below.

1. It took a few years to develop convenient multiwindow mode, and now it is fantastically practical. The main advantage: due to the fact that only two Windows, iPad Pro prevents the owner to be distracted while working. There is another advantage: in some applications, accessible snapshots of the content.

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2. Apple has allowed developers to build context extensions. In other words, directly in the “Gallery” may include third-party image editor, such as VSCO.

3. Apple has greatly simplified the life of developers, allowing easily to register in your own application shortcuts. Helps it and users: a list of shortcut keys in any application POPs up with one touch.

The efforts Apple has supported third-party developers, who are not confused is a pretty small audience is professional iPad. Within a few months was released (or updated) apps that turned the process of creating content a real pleasure.

It is logical that the best Pro is suitable for writing and editing texts. In addition to the classic Pages, and Word is Ulysses (simple but chic interface) Scrievener (optimal for writers and authors long essay) and Editorial (app for editing).

The second userkeys — changing images in Pixelmator and Photoshop Express, and change colors in Lightroom. Of course, there is professional editing of speech does not go (in Photoshop, not enough functions and manipulator for precise positioning), but for quick and simple adjustments, opportunities abound.

In addition, iPad is suitable for easy programming (e.g. web development in Сoda), learning (tablet can to learn the language Swift and learn to make apps), planning (co-creating to-do lists in Trello and its analogues) and drawing: in a professional environment artists, animators, tattooists and stylus Pencil highly enough.

It is remarkable that Apple has allowed to slightly improve the interface. Workflow creates simple algorithms (for example, cutting off the upper strips of several screenshots at the same time), the Launcher adds the application icons in a widget in the notification center, and the Opener allows you to change the default program (relatively speaking, the links will not open in Safari and any other browser).

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The enthusiasm of the developers picked up by manufacturers of accessories. For iPad Pro has hubs, adapters, alternative keyboards (even mechanical) and other devices, which strongly facilitate life. Of course, the transition from a conventional computer to iPad Pro forces the user to spend time to adapt, but those who managed to adapt, admit that they will not return to more cumbersome solutions.

Apple itself very well responds to the local triumph of your device. We are actively working on a new generation (all details are still secret, there is only speculation), and the advertising campaign was launched a few weeks before release. In a short but memorable commercials Apple brings to the audience all the advantages of the iPad Pro:

  • Convenient and look at the screen, and create on this screen something different.
  • No viruses.
  • Don’t need Wi-Fi because LTE has.
  • Have your favorite text editor (for the sake of promoting Apple iPads advertised Word — Microsoft product).

In the spring we are waiting for another premiere Apple. Make no mistake: Tim cook proud to say that tablets still live, and from death saved them, those whom they owe their birth, are brilliant engineers, designers and managers of the company from Cupertino.

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