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Best Lightning headphones to your iPhone or iPad

Starting with the iPhone 7, Apple developers have abandoned the standard 3.5 mm headphone Jack. Therefore, the users of Apple choosing a headset look for Bluetooth devices and headphones with a Lightning connector.

Below we offer a selection of the best models of headphones with a Lightning connector – to suit every taste and budget. If you like wireless devices, please pay attention to the selection of the best Bluetooth headphones, unveiled this month at CES 2018.

Audeze Sine

Headphones look flashy, but made qualitatively. A device with an isodynamic driver, but this means that they sound smooth and rich, equally clearly represented all frequencies. Cost – about $ 450.

Audeze EL-8 Titanium

They also use high quality ISO-dynamics with large aluminum cups, soft ear cushions and relaxed headband. The headphones weigh 460 grams, but they are quite sturdy and easy to fold. Includes cable with 3.5 mm Jack, but with Lightning they sound much brighter. Moreover, removable flat cable Lightning Cipher with a built-in 24-bit DAC and amplifier connects to each earphone separately.

Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature

They are the largest closed headphones Bowers & Wilkins. They reflect all the innovations in acoustics and technology created by the company for 50 years. Feature of these headphones is non-standard arrangement of speakers, due to which there is a feeling that the sound occurs in front of you, not on the sides. The kit includes a carrying case and replaceable audio cable. The cost of headphones – $ 800.

Philips M2L

A very elegant over-ear headphones: headband and ear pads made of genuine leather, other elements are metal. Replaceable cable with built-in DAC and amplifier. The price is about one hundred dollars.

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Libratone Q-Adapt In-Ear

Clean balanced sound without distortion, and the unique technology of four levels of noise reduction. The estimated cost of these headphones – $ 160.

The JBL Reflect Aware


Very comfortable headphones for sports, because in addition to good sound they have a few special advantages. They are compact, comfortable for the ears and waterproof. And they’re coated with a special reflective coating, whereby they are very convenient to use during evening walks. Headphones are about 230 dollars.

Pioneer Rayz Plus

These headphones feature unique noise reduction technology. When they are removed from the ears, the music automatically pauses and begins playing again, it is only necessary to put them on. Price — $ 145.

More Dual Driver ANC

These headphones, like many others on this list, the cable has a built-in DAC. But on the module are placed as much as 5 buttons that allow you to adjust almost all aspects of music playback. They also have fairly strong noise canceling function according to the manufacturers, it can muffle the sound of the train, and even the humming of the plane.

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