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Best Bluetooth headphones at CES 2018

Even if you’re using a phone with a 3.5 mm Jack, do not turn away from Bluetooth headphones. Wireless headset gives you huge freedom and “disconnects” the user from the phone or PC.

Modern Bluetooth headsets are just as good sound wired headphones and works all day without recharging. Below is the list of gorgeous models presented at CES 2018.

SPORT50BT, $ 70

Company Audio Technica has brought to CES a series of Bluetooth headphone, including waterproof and with active noise cancellation. This model is designed for people with active lifestyles and ideal for sports, walking or running.

The manufacturer claims that SPORT50BT can be washed under the tap, and built-in battery will last for 6 hours.

House of Marley Uprise, $ 100

Products the company House of Marley does not pollute the environment neither in production nor in use, they are also easily recycled. Uprise is composed of silicone and wood.

Headphones will be available in the summer.

‘yevo 1, $ 500

Willing to pay for what is right and headphones price last year flagship? This model is for you. The Swedish company’YEVO Labs in collaboration Humanium Metal released headphones, which are made of melted confiscated weapons.

The manufacturer insists that the headphones will impress connoisseurs of the purity of sound. Half the cost is passed directly to assist countries where there are military conflicts.

Series from Sol Republic, 150-250 dollars

The image shows from right to left the model Shadow Fusion ($150), Soundtrack Wireless ($170) and Soundtrack Pro Wireless ($250).

The most expensive model Soundtrack Pro Wireless uses a technology of Memory Foam and works a day without recharging.

Sony WF-SP700N ($180)

Look at the modern Sony wireless headphones. The device has active noise control.

Sony also released wired headphones and Bluetooth headphones that can be connected by wire, which are 150 and $ 80 respectively.

Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT, $ 100

Agree, a hundred dollars is very low price headphone from Sennheiser. The headset offers 6 hours of continuous operation and recharges to 100% in just an hour and a half.

The user can connect headphones simultaneously to two devices, so you can watch videos from the computer or plasma, and to answer phone calls.

Anker Zolo Liberty+, $ 150

One of the first headsets with Bluetooth support 5. The headphones will last about 3.5 hours, but provide with them the case will support up to 48 hours.

Audeze iSine LX, $200

Price and sound quality brought to Audeze iSine LX a lot of attention at CES. A great choice for fans of overhead headphones.

Unfortunately, the only model officially sold in the United States.

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