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Best apps for the new Apple Watch

You become the owner of the new Apple Watch? After you pair the watch with your iPhone you will be prompted to install compatible with watchOS versions of your applications from your smartphone. We recommend you skip this step and turn set ON from the list the best for Apple Watch. Studying the device’s capabilities, we have compiled a list of the most essential apps for Apple’s wearable computer.

Weather Underground (free)

Regular Weather app is good for checking forecasts, but with the help of Weather Underground you will be provided with alerts about possible rainfall. With this application you can easily avoid short-term rain and be ready for a strong downpour.

Calcbot (free)

Installing this application will bring to your Apple Watch a full-fledged calculator. Next time you can easily and quickly calculate a tip after dinner in a cafe or quickly do simple calculations without the aid of the iPhone.

Fantastical (199 rubles)

Calendar Fantastical is more streamlined than the standard analogue Apple. Besides, it’s the only way to sync your iCloud reminders between iPhone and Apple Watch. You will also be able to see scheduled reminders, monitor your rights.

Shazam (Free)

You no longer need to take your iPhone to learn the artist’s name and the name of the song heard. Run Shazam on your Apple Watch and learn the track.

Overcast (Free)

Apple hasn’t adapted his own Podcasts for watchOS, but it can easily replace Overcast. The application is able to play the podcasts directly on the Apple Watch, control playback on the iPhone, possesses the functions of “intelligent playback speed” and “increase voice volume”, which is not available in the classic Podcasts.

Spark (Free)

A very good alternative to the email client from Apple has several additional ringtones alerts.

Social network

Official Twitter client allows you to view your feed and the list of trends. Alternative program in the form of Tweetbot or Twitterrific will show further activity.

Using Instagram you can see the recent posts in the feed and section Activity. It will be useful to enable notifications from selected profiles to be aware of interesting publications.

Viber will help you to communicate with friends by sending audiotec, stickers, location or dictated text. Apple Watch is also available clients Skype and Telegram.


Smart watches from Apple the ideal choice for delivering urgent news. You can use Nuzzel to the trending stories from Twitter; Instapaper for articles from the reading list; TASS, news Mail.Ru — to receive the basic news.

Other applications

In our time the Apple Watch is set XE Currency or OK, the ruble, to control currency rates. For shopping ideal customer of eBay with which you can also participate in auctions. Finally, to control “smart” devices by technology HomeKit’s Siri commands you need app Home.

And what are the guidelines for installing software for the Apple Watch can give you? Waiting for your comments.

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