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Best apps 2015 for iPhone and iPad

2015 remember major updates already-established projects, such as the ability to upload non-square images to Instagram. But despite this last came out a lot of new and interesting programs on mobile devices. The best version of this is presented in the list below.


Inbox is an email client from Google, which simplifies the email several times. Based on the idea of the Mailbox (the closure of which recently announced Dropbox), in which the interaction with the mailbox provided in the form of task list, where each letter can be “run”, “suspend” or “remove”.

But it’s not all that can boast Inbox. The service uses a proprietary algorithm Google that allows you to sort emails by certain categories, and the filtering is very accurate, and a letter confirming payment will never fall into the category of the notifications of social networks. In addition, the service works in conjunction with Google Now, so a letter with information about the flight will be accompanied by a card with a number and flight status.

In the long run Inbox would be able to replace not only Gmail, but any other “mail client”, with its “mind” and a large number of interesting features. The service is available both on iOS and Android and in the browser.

Google Photos

A second opening in 2015, from “Corporation of good” has become cloud service for photos and videos to Google Photos.

The most important thing that can offer what Google Photos and to no other, — unlimited storage for images and video.

The user is offered a choice: to save unlimited files in high quality images with a maximum resolution of 16 megapixels and videos in full HD — or to leave the files in their original size, but only at the expense of personal space Drive. Although still service slightly compresses even those pictures that negotiat 16 MP.

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Some frills for image processing it can’t offer, but even for the usual “cloud” functions are: creation of collections, face detection and a “better” picture with a single tap.


Periscope from Twitter can be called the opening of the year. For a long time no one understood why we need streaming service for smartphones, but when the broadcast began to run celebrities, all realized that the Periscope can’t live.

One of the reasons that Periscope shot, was his support for Twitter. Periscope allows you to not only follow famous people who will gladly broadcast and answer questions from caring, but to run your own “stream”.

Due to its popularity after a couple of minutes you receive dozens of viewers who comment on what is happening and give you “likes”.

Layout, Hyperlapse and Boomerang

For Instagram 2015 has been very busy. Besides being able to upload images in portrait and landscape formats, the social network has released an app to create collages of images, video recording with a larger interval between the images and looped video Layout, Hyperlapse and Boomerang.

Layout gives you the ability to create collages. No other functions, like other similar services, the application does not, but it is not necessary, as this only complicates the work with them.

The program can automatically pick photos and suggest the best options for their layout. There is an option to automatically add to the collage of recent photos from your camera roll, where there are people.

Hyperlaps also easy to learn how and Layout. After shooting enough video to adjust the playback speed (from 1x to 12x) and upload your video to the social network. Thus, the sunrise can be summed up in the ten second video.

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Boomerang creates seamless looped videos lasting 4 seconds from several images taken in succession. This is achieved due to the fact that the movie is played first in forward, then reverse. The result is reminiscent of Live Photos, which debuted in the iPhone 6s.

Apple Music

After the purchase of Beats, many predicted output of audioservice from Apple based on the popular Beats Music. Apple Music differs from other services focused on the selection of playlists for each user depending on his preferences, which allows time to discover new artists and songs.

If the owners of iOS devices were able to try out the service with the release of iOS 8.4 version for Android appeared six months after the announcement at WWDC 2015. Thanks to free subscription for the first three months everyone will be able to decide for himself whether he wants the service or not.

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