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Bentley cars you can now open and start using Apple Watch [video]

Bentley introduced its own app for the Apple Watch, which was the next step in the development of the corporate services of the automaker. The first version of the program was already available for the wearable Apple device.

The Bentley app enables remote control cars. With the touch screen of the Apple Watch, you can perform a range of actions, in particular: to open and close the doors, remotely start and stop the engine, turn on lights and siren to search the car on a map, view the current statistics, including the distance traveled, fuel consumption and average speed. The user can also adjust the temperature in the cabin, to catch the right radio station and even include heated seats.

Apple Watch must be connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth, which should be set Bentley official app (available for free in the App Store).

At the moment, the British automaker client only works with a new crossover Bentayga SUV worth $ 200,000. However, according to representatives of the company, and later the Apple Watch will be supported by a large number of machines.

Over time, Bentley is planning to increase the number of functions of Apple Watch apps. So, will appear warning of the need to perform maintenance tasks and a number of other options.

Bentley is not the only one who presented her own app for the Apple Watch. Previously, their system integration with Apple Watch showed cars BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Ford.

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