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Belarusians ask Apple to bring back “+” in the dialer iOS 10

Belarusian iPhone testing iOS 10, faced an unexpected problem. According to the publication Onliner, users can’t dial the number in international format +375. If you press and hold the “0” instead of a plus, as before, there is a combination of “0+”.

Mobile operating system iOS 10, which Apple calls the biggest release of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, tested since June of this year. To upgrade can Sep all iPhone 5 and above, iPad Air and iPad Pro, iPad 4, iPad mini 2 and newer, iPod touch 6G.

For Belarusian users iPhone ten can add a serious problem: when typing a phone number in the international format +375 impossible to put a ” + ” sign. Instead of “plus” dial double zero, then continue to enter the number in international format. However, to use this method does not always work — some operators report incorrectly dialed number.

The same problem appeared for the first time in 2013 after the release of iOS 7. While abroad, the dialer is immediately rectified and begins to work correctly, with “plus” after deduction of “zero”.
Last time to fix a problem it took about a year. And here’s an old, rather rusty bug returns.

If the problem persists, then iPhone users would be three exits. First, do not update to iOS 10. Secondly, try to call after eight (8 (029) xxx-XX-XX). Third, use the following algorithm: while holding the “0” time until “+” you click “Delete” next to the room. In addition, as already mentioned, the role of advantage can sometimes play two successive zero.

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Note that the issue with the dialer in iOS 10 complain only in Belarus.

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