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Belarusian application, in real time, changing the appearance for photo and video, has topped the App Store

At the end of December MacDigger told about the Belarusian app developer MSQRD, which created its own technology for tracking persons, which enables you to modify human appearance during video chats in real-time. A few weeks later the program has gained viral popularity on the Network and took first place in the App Store rankings in several countries.

Currently MSQRD occupies the top top 10 free apps for iPhone in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and several other countries. And the number of downloads of the program at the time of publication — more than 220 000.

As noted by the creators, in promotion and PR applications they have not invested a single penny. Virusnet the program provided, including the use of famous people. For example, in Russia MSQRD-videos uploaded famous rapper Busta | Noggano, but as the winner of “Eurovision” was made by the soloist of group “Tea for Two” Stas Kostyshyn.

iOS app MSQRD imposes on the face of the user a variety of effects — make-up, moustache or emotions. You can “paint” yourself, for example, huge eyes, Stalin mustache or beard of Conchita Wurst. The app works with photos and videos. It quickly “catches up” facial features and allows you to immediately share the results with friends.

In the latest update the developers have added support for iPad and bug fixes. Now they are preparing new filters, as well as the application under Android.

The closest analogue technology Masquerade service Lenses built into extremely popular in the West, videomessenger Snapchat. However, according to Belarusian developers, their technology is superior Lenses. Masquerade shows the best performance results, finding 3D space and face recognition points. In addition, it can work even on weak devices.

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