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“Beeline” refused to tariffs with unlimited Internet after Yota and MegaFon

“Beeline” from February 10 refused most tariffs with unlimited Internet. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to new conditions in the line of the tariff “Everything”.

The rates or options that allow subscribers to transfer data without limit, through 2016 introduced all the operators. Now “Beeline”, there are only two tariff plan with unlimited Internet: “everything is Possible”, which operates in Moscow and in the regions, and some regional. These rates are prepaid and most expensive.

In the new line of tariffs of postpaid offers for the regions. In Moscow, the postpaid tariff will limit the Internet traffic. All changes will only affect new subscribers.

Postpaid tariffs “Beeline” with unlimited Internet, emerged in Moscow in March 2016 in the framework of the action, which is then extended several times. Year-end “Beeline” promised to reject offers with unlimited Internet and go to “datacentric” pricing model, based on the value of the Internet, not calls.

Russian operators will gradually abandon unlimited tariffs, said earlier the head of “Beeline”. The operators simply have no other choice, he said: 3G networks are already congested and 4G networks are loaded very quickly. The first of them in the end did not Beeline, Yota. In late January, the operator has introduced a new tariff range, where unlimited Internet access was gone.

In early February MTS stated that they consider possible price increases in the mobile market. Speech, in particular, rate plans with unlimited mobile Internet. MTS plans to raise the prices of these fares or to abandon them in 2017.

Last week “the Megaphone” declared intention to close to new subscribers of the service “Unlim Internet”. The company said that unlimited offers are faced with a “total lack of interest” on the part of subscribers and “a small number of new connections.”

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