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“Beeline” mobile operators will soon refuse from unlimited tariffs on the Internet

Russian cellular operators in the near future I plan to abandon unlimited tariffs on the Internet. This was stated by the head of the “Beeline” Kjell-Morten Johnsen.

“The industry is gradually moving away from unlimited tariffs”, — said the representative of the company. Top Manager noted that users “with normal data consumption” will not feel changes, a new approach disciplinarum anyone who uses “extremely large” amount of information.

In the “Beeline” said that the operator plans to transition to a pricing model tied to the consumption of Internet traffic. “It will be a step by step process, there is no revolution in a month, — he assured. We can’t do it individually, but 2017 will support this trend.”

According to the head of the “Beeline”, using a single voice unlimited, the average cost will become irrelevant, while the growth of demand for Internet services will grow the average monthly revenue from each subscriber.

Along with the change in pricing model, the company intends to abandon on-net roaming.

A member of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Vadim dengin suggested that the idea of giving up unlimited tariffs Beeline, reminiscent of the sanctions against Russia.

“It’s like sanctions are the right. What is the format of the cell operator has the right to begin to force up prices in this way? This means there is pressure? Then tell me what join the sanctions, “VimpelCom” on the side of those people who is against Russia. What price rise? We have and so the price is high. Need a tidy plan. There are problems, go to Committee, come to the Ministry of communications, it is not necessary to declare that unilaterally, that prices must rapidly increase, otherwise nothing. You and so the prices are high, and so you get crazy profit at the end of the year,” said Diggin the publication Life.

Analyst Leontiy Bukstein, in turn, doubted that Russian operators will really be able to abandon the nl. “…If there are such intentions, we have the Ministry of communications, the Federal Antimonopoly service. Will not allow, I think, not in order, as they say, bloomed flowers. There are plenty of organizations that users do not give offense”, — he said.

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