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“Beeline” has sharply raised prices in the range of tariffs for smartphones

The operator “Beeline” once again updated the range of tariff plans “All”. It was a great surprise to many smartphone owners.

Beeline has upgraded a range of tariffs without notice unilaterally. “I received a call today from the “Beeline”, said a new tariff – “All 500”, every day will be charged almost 17 rubles. Whereas before I was connected to the tariff “All for 300″ and its consent to the other package I did not give” – said the publication of Urfo one of the subscribers.

In the personal accounts of clients “Beeline” has displayed innovation. Instead of the usual amounts of 200 and 300 rubles (popular rates), now the subscribers are only three tariff plans – “All for 500, All for 800” and “All for 1200”. This leaves the tariff “All for 300”, but he seemed especially hidden on one of the pages of the site operator.

Block tariffs for cellular communication continue to be characterized by the fact that for a fixed monthly fee provide the user with a set of services, typically consisting of a package of voice minutes, Internet traffic and SMS. As noted by the subscribers, with the innovations for the usual fee, they are given far less minutes for conversations and Internet traffic.

Users are outraged by considerably expensive mobile phones and indicate that the company behaves, to put it mildly, ugly. “To get back on my tariff “All for 300″ it is necessary to pay 100 roubles. Very similar to extortion. Because, again, I consented to the plan change did not give” – said one of the subscribers noting that is likely to appeal to the Federal service.

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In the “Beeline” failed to promptly comment. In previous times of higher prices for fares, by the way, the company explained that removed from the line of those packages that supposedly did not use popularity – such as “All over 200”.

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