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Beeline has launched HD Voice between Moscow and St. Petersburg

“Beeline” for the first time provided support HD Voice calls between the subjects of the Russian Federation, the running mode in 3G networks between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Technology ensures clarity of voice transmission, no distortion tone, and intonation improves the recognition of sounds, and also creates the effect of noise reduction.

Previously HD Voice has been available in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but did not work when long-distance calls. As a result of the modernization of the network and the change in the way voice traffic transit between cities speech quality mode HD Voice is now saved upon the customers of the two capitals, said in the statement.

“On the eve of the St. Petersburg economic forum, in the midst of season trips, music festivals and other events, which are rich summer life of the two capitals, we have implemented HD voice technology for long distance calls. Our customers in Moscow and St. Petersburg were the first to experience its benefits, such as the clarity of speech, the effect of the presence of the conversation, and I am sure, will appreciate”, ─ noted Yuri Smagorinsky, Director of the West region of the company “VympelCom”.

Based HD Voice technology is WB-AMR (Adaptive Multi Rate Wadeband – adaptive broadband coding with variable speed). This technology extends the range of transmitted frequencies vote twice – with a range of 300-3400 Hz to strip 50-7000 Hz, which allows you to broadcast the important components of speech that are lost through normal conversation on his mobile phone.

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Calls HD Voice is available at no extra cost and do not require changing your phone’s settings. The maximum effect is achieved when both users are on 3G. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus support HD Voice.

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