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“Beeline” has abolished roaming charges in Russia and has doubled the traffic at the packet rates

The operator “Beeline” updated tariff line of the family, “Everything!” and cancelled on-net roaming across Russia. The company announced at a special press conference on Tuesday.

“Beeline” completely abolished intranet roaming all over Russia, which means free incoming calls to all subscribers of the operator. All outgoing calls are charged in any region is exactly the same as in the home.

“Our new tariff line intranet roaming is abolished as a class… Customers “Beeline”, who served on the new tariff offer, traveling to Russian Federation wherever there is a network of “Beeline”, default free incoming in the entire territory of “Beeline” in Russia — on any tariff plan from the new line. Outgoing calls are charged same as in the home region. If you are in the home region and call long distance than “Beeline”, an outgoing call will cost 5 rubles. Moving to another city of Russia, outgoing long distance calls are 5 rubles,” — said the Director of marketing for the mass market, “VimpelCom” Irina Lebedeva.

According to Lebedeva, from a technical point of view, “Beeline” was able to do it yourself — without any additional agreements with other operators.

“Beeline” will increase the traffic by half on packet rates if the user will Deposit money into the account.

In the Crimea was able to achieve lower prices for calls — incoming calls now cost 1.5 rubles, and outgoing — 4 RUB.

“In Crimea we are also reducing the rates: incoming calls in the Republic of Crimea on new tariff range will cost 1.5 rubles and 4 rubles — outgoing calls”, — said Lebedev.

The cost of mobile Internet in the Crimea remains the same.

Some tariffs were reduced, the volume of minutes and the number of sent SMS, and some have cancelled calls to fixed telephony.

According to the forecasts of representatives of the operator by the first quarter of 2018, half of the base of the “Beeline” will be transferred to the new tariffs.

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