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Beeline changed the flagship line of All: new rates, new prices

The operator “Beeline” has changed flagship line of tariffs “All,” reads the company’s website. After the innovations of some versions of the tariffs are no longer available for new subscribers.

In the Moscow region the operator before the batch was six tariffs “All” for a monthly fee. The cheapest cost 200 rubles. per month (“200”), the most expensive — 2.7 thousand (“All over 2700”). The operator also offered “Everything” for 400, 600, 900 and 1.5 thousand rubles In each of them was included a certain package of services. Now “Beeline” offers its subscribers the packages 300, 500, 800, 1.2 thousand and 1.8 thousand rubles.

After the innovations of some versions of the tariffs are no longer available for new subscribers — for example, a package for 200 rubles., operating in Moscow. In Moscow the line of the cheapest, the fare of 300 rubles a month. But if the cost of the old — for 200 roubles — consisted of only 1 GB of Internet, new — 300 rubles. — includes 2 GB of traffic, 100 SMS and 300 minutes of outgoing calls.

The cost of some services decreased. So, the Moscow tariff “All for 600” turned into “under 500” and “All 1500” has become “All for 1200”, in this case, the content of the packets is not changed, she says. In other regions the operator has undergone similar changes: the package for 1 thousand rbl. was reduced to “All for $ 800”, and the former rate of 1.5 thousand rubles was worth 1.2 thousand

“Earlier from region to region filling in tariffs and subscription fee for them differed. And often, the choice of tariff customers were confused and chose a rate that is less than corresponds to their consumption profile — chose a more expensive rate and used the whole package of included services,” the company said, noting that the line “All” is used about a third of subscribers.

In the new variants of tariffs “All” changed dramatically the cost of calls abroad. For example, if outgoing calls to “Beeline” CIS and Georgia for subscribers of Moscow cost 12 rubles per minute for other numbers — 24 rubles, now all of these calls cost 30 rubles per minute — the cost has risen by 150 and 25% respectively.

Calls to Europe, USA and Canada used to cost Moscow subscribers in 35 rubles per minute, in other countries of North and Central America — 40 rbl. On the new tariffs, all of these calls rose to 50 rubles (growth by 43 and 25%, respectively). In the rest of the country calls are more expensive — 80 rubles per minute, which is 45% higher than before (before the update of tariffs the price was 55 RUB.).

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