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“Beeline” announced the launch in Russia of the messenger Veon with calls, news and special offers

“Beeline” announced the launch of Russia’s new app Veon, which combines the functions of messenger and aggregator of online services, such as music and more. In addition to our country’s service earned in Georgia, Pakistan and Ukraine.

Veon offers free access to voice calls and exchange messages, including multimedia. Traffic inside the application is also free. The application combines the functionality of the messenger and aggregator of online services, such as music and video streaming.

According to the description, Veon allows you to conduct personal and group messages and make free calls to other users. In addition, service is a personalized news feed and other materials, and a set of special offers from cafes, cinemas and other establishments.

“With this launch we are ready to conduct personal Internet revolution, focused on the introduction of personalized functionality for consumers based on content”, – reads the statement of the CEO. Platform Veon was first launched in Italy at the end of February after starting the app reached 1.5 million units, was celebrated in may, the head of the holding.

Subscribers included in the holding Veon networks can manage your service plan and to maintain correspondence, even if they have no money in the account. In the future the company promises to increase the range of available services. The application is available to users of any operator.

Access to the platform and its main features will be completely free, and customers network Veon can use the app even if they are not in the network. Subscribers included in the holding networking can get bonuses for using the messenger — e.g., 1 GB for every friend and 100 MB for daily visit service.

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Platform Veon was launched in the fall of 2016, the Italian mobile operator Wind. Now the company is launching an instant messenger in Russia, Pakistan, Ukraine and Georgia, and the updated version of the app will appear in Italy until July 23. In may 2017 the holding company Veon, formerly known as VimpelCom, has promised to invest in a messenger $100 million.

At the time of the news Android app was not available in Russia through the Google Play store. Veon version for iOS will be released later, according to the website of the messenger.

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