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Became known the cause of his dismissal from Apple maker of Swift programming language

Working conditions at Apple played a decisive role in the decision to leave the company to Chris Lattner, founder of the Swift programming language designed to develop applications for iPhone and Mac. Reported by Business Insider.

About leaving Apple’s lead developer, it became known this week. Latter said in a letter to employees. The reason of leaving the company he did not name. According to sources, the matter has become increased secrecy in the company.

“At Apple, he always felt limited from the point of view of public discussion of the project especially given the fact that he was working on the open product], as all the information you need to keep secret until the official presentation, – notes the edition. Reported by each Latter. For this reason, he was limited in hiring new employees and several other areas”.

Chris Lattner came to Apple in 2005 after has been developing a service for developers of LLVM. After that, the project was integrated into the Apple system and Latter became involved in the creation of Swift.

Presentation of own programming language, Apple has held WWDC 2014. The company said it decided to create a language that would be spared from the cumbersome heritage of Objective-C.

Now some of the most experienced Apple engineers would work in Tesla, where he will be responsible for the development of new autopilot system. “We are pleased to welcome Chris Lattner which will be Tesla’s Vice President of software for autopilot”, — commented on the appointment in the Tesla.

On the one hand, the desire to conceal their plans from competitors, it seems quite reasonable, especially in light of the desire of many companies to copy the ideas and technologies of Apple. But on the other hand for this reason, the current design can not to turn into finished products. In particular, if to speak about the developments in the automotive industry, it is well known that they require fairly large investments and can be conducted over the years.

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In addition, a large disadvantage associated with excessive secrecy, Apple, is associated with the fact that the company is not able to publicly announce the hiring of new specialists. For some employees, as we see, this is the reason for the dismissal.

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