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Became known date of the publication of the report to Samsung about the reasons of explosions of Galaxy Note 7

Samsung approached the end of the opinion the explosive smartphone Galaxy Note 7, with the result that the airports have ceased to warn passengers about banning the use of devices on Board aircraft. The main question when a company publicly call the reasons for which exploded its smartphones. According to the publication Mydrivers, Samsung is planning to reveal the card on Monday, January 23. To do this, the South Korean company has based on the return of customer confidence and reputations.

Earlier, the management of Samsung said that before the end of January ready to provide details of the investigation on the causes of explosions Galaxy Note 7. Materials have been sent to the regulators for consideration.

According to available information, there are five most probable reasons of spontaneous combustion of gadgets. The main call version high load on the battery from the scanner of the iris and a new quick charging via USB. experts Also say about a possible failure in the temperature control system of the battery, the error in hardware as well as external factors related to the user actions.

Samsung claim that at the moment the owners of the Galaxy Note 7 has returned 96% of these devices. The return of the remaining 4% of smartphones planned in the coming weeks. After this message, the Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA) has waived the requirement to warn passengers about the ban on and the more charging Galaxy Note 7 in the aircraft.

Sales of flagship Galaxy Note 7 was launched on 19 August 2016. In early September, Samsung announced the recall of all smartphones sold, and in another month the company announced the cessation of production and sales of the product. The decision was taken after consultation with the relevant authorities.

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Losses from review Galaxy Note 7 in Seoul estimated at more than $5 billion for the first nine months.

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