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Became known date of the beginning of sales in Russia the new Nokia 3310

Presentation of the new Nokia 3310 in Russia together with a new line of smartphones under the brand of the Finnish company is scheduled for next month. According to experts, sales will enable the Nokia brand to occupy in the Russian market up to 5%.

According to the source, the Finnish company Global HMD licensed to release devices under the brand Nokia will present Nokia 3310 in Russia on 16 may. On the same day in the largest retail networks in the country will start official sales of the device, which became famous in the early 2000-ies due to its strength and capacious battery.

The representative of the Global HMD neither confirmed nor denied that date, only said that “the price and date of start of sales of the new line in Russia will be announced in the second quarter of 2017”.

Global HMD introduced an updated version of famous for its “indestructibility” Nokia 3310 mobile world Congress in Barcelona in February this year. As reported by the manufacturer, the phone features a 2-megapixel camera, MicroSD slot and MP3 player. New 3310 should be available in four colors: glossy red and yellow and matte grey and blue. The unit will be able to work nearly a day of talktime and a month in standby mode, as was the case with the previous version of Nokia 3310.

Next week the novelty will go on sale in Europe, but, according to the latest data, will cost €49, as promised by the manufacturer at the presentation, and about €10 more expensive. In Austria, the device will sell for €59 in Germany for €58. In these countries Nokia 3310 sample of 2017 will be available after April 28. The model’s price in rubles is not yet known.

Original Nokia 3310 was introduced in the year 2000. Release device worked itself Nokia. In 2001, the company turnover amounted to €31 billion, this year it was the largest mobile phone market in the world. Only Nokia sold 126 million units of the model 3310.

However, over time the company began to push other producers, and in 2013 Nokia announced the sale of mobile business to Microsoft for $5 billion, another $2.2 billion was paid for the patents in the field of mobile telephony. Microsoft has released Lumia smartphones for its Windows Phone operating system, but in 2014, they were renamed to Microsoft Lumia, but the Nokia logo was only on push-button devices. In 2016, Nokia has provided the right to use its brand Global HMD designed specifically for the production of mobile devices. Director Global HMD became a former top Manager of Nokia Arto Nummela.

The success of the remake of Nokia 3310, the representative of Svyaznoy, will contribute to the fact that, despite the growing popularity of smart phones, push button phones continue to be in demand in the first quarter they accounted for about a quarter of sold in Russia of mobile phones. “For many Russians, it is sufficient basic functionality of phone calls and SMS, — explains the representative of the retailer. — Plus the price of the keypad device is significantly lower than that of a smartphone”.

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