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BeatsX against AirPods: what headphones [video]

Today Apple starts selling BeatsX – new wireless headphone with 8 hours of Autonomous operation. Great Jonathan Morrison was the first to testing the headset brand of “Apple” company, which he decided to compare it with AirPods.

BeatsX as AirPods are completely wireless headphones. But if the second is made in the form of individual droplets, BeatsX connect cable, through which headphones can be worn without taking off for the day.

Morrison found that BeatsX have the best noise isolation and sound more intense than the AirPods. The new headset has buttons to switch songs, adjust volume and bring up Siri. The battery life BeatsX higher than the AirPods that work without recharging up to 5 hours. Although the last case will work offline for up to 24 hours.

Various inserts and additional fastening BeatsX allow you to adjust the headphones so they rested securely, and was comfortable to wear.

At the same time on the side of the AirPods – classic Apple design the complete absence of wires and sensors for intelligent control playback.

Below the video is a detailed comparison BeatsX and AirPods:

The cost BeatsX in Russia is 10 990 rubles, AirPods are 1,000 rubles more.

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