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Beats Pro headphones lost sound quality Chinese Oppo PM-3

Headphones PM-3 Chinese company Oppo sound “completely better” Beats Pro, experts say iXbt on the results of testing. These models are quite expensive – costs about $400, although the headphones are massive.

Beats Pro — electrodynamic headphones with very high sensitivity and optimization on the return on LF. They are suited to any, even the low-power mobile audio equipment and save energy of the battery. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer does not specify the characteristics of Beats Pro. The official response of the technical support service Beats: “we don’t list the specs because we want people to listen to the music, not read the specs”. (“We won’t provide the features, because people want to listen to music, not read data”).

Oppo PM-3 is the Junior model of the planar-magnetic headphones, Oppo and significantly more affordable than the PM-1 and PM-2. In their design the most interesting device of the radiator. This so-called planar (flat) magnets, which form a continuous magnetic field, in which the membrane is etched on her flat coil. The main advantage of this design — EMF evenly applied to the entire surface of the membrane and the coil is not out of the linear magnetic field.

Range; green — Oppo PM-3, red and blue — Beats Pro

Model Beats Pro over-hyped, on sale since 2013. In contrast Oppo PM-3 is a new model announced at the end of 2014. But by the standards of audio equipment, where the life cycle is 5 years, it’s still news.

“The sound quality of the Oppo PM-3 surpasses Beats Pro on all parameters. Especially with Beats Pro not listening MIDs. Of too much bass, these bass headphones we have not heard. Once again we ask you not to overreact to a bad frequency response. And this time we fixed the main disadvantages Beats Pro equalizer. The sound is significantly better, but in the detail and in the elaboration of the Beats Pro, even with a flat frequency response still gave the Oppo. The difference is just utterly,” commented experts the results of the comparison.

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“In our opinion, the Beats Pro does not hold for the sound to even a relatively inexpensive model Audio-technica M50x. The only plus Beats Pro, we found, is that headphones yelling several times louder than a dozen models that were at hand. That is, problems of harmonization with the iPhone the user will not, and the volume is hardly likely to turn out 50 per cent,” the study notes.

Beats headphones they recommended to purchase “undemanding to owners of mobile devices.” “If you like their sound, you’ll be able to gloat over the search for the perfect sound those that your opinions are not shared. Headphones Oppo, as with all equipment of this manufacturer, we can recommend for high quality stationary and mobile listening,” concluded the experts.

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