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Beats 1 will broadcast from the Central Apple store on Fifth Avenue in new York

It is reported that Apple is planning to install the broadcasting cabin of radio Beats 1 at the main store on Fifth Avenue. Now the outlet is undergoing renovations. When the store opens, its area will be doubled.

The source does not report all the details. Most likely, DJ Ebro Darden will broadcast some shows from the newly opened store. Currently, the musician is based in the Chelsea district of Manhattan.

The radio Beats is 1 of the three cities – Los Angeles, new York and London. Earlier the same source reported accurate information about the first Apple retail store in Mexico before the official announcement.

When renovations are over and the Apple store in new York, will be ready to receive visitors, is unknown. It is expected that it will be done in a completely overhauled design.

Beats 1 round — the-clock radio with Apple Music, known for its exclusive interviews, guest hosts and the best in modern music. In Russia it is not broadcast, but thanks to Beats 1: On Demand users can listen to the releases of the popular programs of the Internet radio station in the record.

In March Apple called Beats 1 the world’s most popular radio station. How correctly to compare the station, available on virtually every iPhone in the world, with the usual radio stations — a separate issue. Anyway, the success of the cupertinos in the music industry is now obvious.

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