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“Bears-neighbors”: the animated series for the whole family on iPhone and iPad

I wonder on what basis the company Apps Ministry chooses licensees? We all met with the canadian brand World, and now Chinese “Bears-neighbors” in the new app. What do bears, lumberjack and a squirrel?

There are cartoons that makes us laugh in the voice, there are those that we watch in the evenings as a family, and those that necessarily is any guide. Comedy animated series “Bears-neighbors” fits all of the above characteristics. Company Apps Ministry gathered in a single application all the series, which is gaining worldwide popularity of the animated series. Let us to know him.

Brethren bears Briard and Brembo watching in the woods behind the order. They run a race, make friends with the squirrels do not make friends with a logger Vick, cut down a forest tree for tree.

Each episode of the animated series — a little struggle for the preservation of the forest.

We all learned that our Russian woods bears are large and dangerous. But we forget the fact that they are the most ardent defenders of our nature!

Environmental problems today some of the most important. And very nice when such serious issues are raised in a fun children’s cartoons. After all, the best way to learn is to play! Bears in cartoons mighty and stern, but they are the guardians of the reserved forest and together with a friend-squirrel ready to fight any intruder! Besides confronting the “good” “evil” in the cartoon there are many new and interesting things and wonderful moments of friendship and understanding, as well as fun and entertainment.

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All the cartoon series available in one app. You can purchase and download to your device. Watch you and the whole family out of the house! And in the app, and puzzles to collect. Over 400 pieces — a few in each series — all colorful and with different levels of complexity. For the little ones (or lazy), there is a tip — you can turn them on or off as desired.

Cartoons will bring to the children moments of joy, but also teach respect for nature and forest protection. Children will fall in love with the characters, and parents will appreciate the humor!

Will the lumberjack to ruin the beauty of nature and survive all insects, animals and birds from the forest? Or brothers-the bears will find a use for a shotgun and a chainsaw?

Betting and downloadable app in the App Store. The first series is available for free.

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