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BaytSigner: browser alternative to Cydia Impactor for iOS

In the network appeared the browser based version of Cydia Impactor that is designed to load applications on iPhone and iPad, bypassing the App store. Service called BaytSigner allows you to install programs on iOS without a computer.

The service developers have aimed to create an analogue of the popular utilities Cydia Impactor, which would be the same easy to use, but is not required connect the iOS device to the computer. So there BaytSigner. At the moment, the service can be used by users of jailbroken devices yalu102 to re-install the certificate every 7 days.

In order to use BaytSigner, you need to open a browser to a website, then enter your Apple ID, password, and UDID of the device. As the developers of Cydia Impactor, the creators BaytSigner assure that no store account Apple ID used to sign applications. Data is sent only to the Apple server.

Although security is of course reasonable to use a backup pair the Apple ID/password and not the primary iCloud account.

BaytSigner is still under beta testing. In the future, the developers promise to implement the ability to install any IPA files on iPhone and iPad without computer.

It is worth noting that currently, we are developing solutions for automatic signature applications, which eliminates the need to re-sign yalu102 and other programs downloaded on iPhone and iPad, bypassing the App Store. Tool is planning to release Cydia’s Creator Jay Freeman.

Before the release of the solution from Saurik, you can use the service BaytSigner.

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