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Battle of the messengers: WhatsApp vs Viber vs Telegram [+poll]

The ability to stay connected, share photos and videos attracts millions of people. Resource Rbc offered an interesting take on the popular instant messengers and how to choose.


The most popular messenger in the world, the user base of more than 900,000 people. 2014 belongs to Facebook. For a long time he was paid: 99 cents per year (first 12 months free trial period). On 18 January this year the subscription has been fully cancelled.

WhatsApp allows you to exchange text and audio messages, make free voice calls and send photo and video. It is very easy to use, this and many like it — there is nothing superfluous. There is a web version, to sit in WhatsApp with PC, logging on to the official website.

But the main advantage of WhatsApp is its user base. When installing it, you can be sure what to write in the chat it will be possible for almost everyone from her address book in the phone.


Definitely the most feature-rich messenger. The number of options is far superior to WhatsApp: here, for example, have a video call. Moreover, Viber allows you to call any mobile numbers, even if their owners do not have Viber (for this, however, will be charged). In addition to group chat rooms that have all modern messengers, Viber and the so-called open group, a kind of hobby groups, which can communicate with fans of, say, cross stitching or fans of Tom hardy. Often in large communities on social networks have their own group in Viber.

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Viber is the most customizable messenger. Here, for example, you can make the background of each separate chat, to send not only photos, but also drawn by the finger of the image.

Viber has a desktop version, that is, they can also be used on the computer by downloading the program from the official website.

Oddly enough, it tricked many people do not like Viber. Its interface is not as intuitive as the same WhatsApp, the dominant purple colour is in many respects a controversial decision.


Messenger team Pavel Durov, creators of a social network “Vkontakte”. Very similar to WhatsApp, but its main trump card — the data encryption. Telegram to hack and intercept communications of network users are not managed.

In messenger pros you can also put the sticker shop: funny pictures that can be used for communication. In addition, the correspondence of the user is stored on the servers of the service, so you will get access to it even when you change your phone. You can go in one account Telegram from multiple devices.


How to use messenger? The most logical advice — those who are your friends. Most likely, it will Viber or WhatsApp. According to J’son & Partners Consulting, the most popular among Russian users of the smartphone – Viber, they use about 60% of smartphone owners in Russia. In second place WhatsApp.

Leadership Viber and WhatsApp due to the simplicity of registering a phone number and no need to keep the application in the active mode for callers to get through, in contrast to the same Skype. If you need the most functional messenger, choose Viber. But if you are most concerned about the security of your correspondence, it is better to pay attention to the Telegram.

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