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Battle Bay battle on the waves

08.05.2017 0 Comments

When it comes to MOBA games, the imagination itself draws a dismal picture: a routine superheroes, unthinkable complex rules, identical gameplay, and juvenile aggression in partners and rivals. Alas, usually it is – but the company Rovio on Rovio, to outrage over stereotypes. Her “mob” is a fun, colorful and original game where the camera is located right behind the main character, and the protagonist sits on the armed watercraft. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Battle Bay battle on the waves

The authors of Angry Birds has long-beens and not shuffle here and there the gaming landscape, but they seem to have a new chance to reassert itself – before, say, write off. Battle in the Bay you are going for a cool floating facility: on either side of you as well graceful rustle partners who don’t yet know what awaits them. The mystery was soon dissipated – a small patch of will happen a big battle: your famous five on the other, is gorgeous.

Battle Bay battle on the waves

You swaying on the waves accurately send the projectile to the other side of the pool – it catches some careless sailor. Or respond you the same, because it is a real naval war, not the courses of water aerobics. Overall, your team would have to destroy another or to take control of a special point – the classic rule of MOBA-games is complicated by the fact that you have broken communication with partners, and they vaguely understand the principles of teamwork. Because of this Battle a little Bay becomes a theater of one actor – Lupita in you opponents with all guns, spinning like a top to knock foes and comrades at this time silently going down. Well, or at the bottom you’re going, and the last of your team is desperately fighting for survival.

Battle Bay battle on the waves

But this is not the problem of team interaction will not always find in DOTA 2 that much now. Battle Bay annoying others: very slow battles and terrible management. Strange that this came out of the walls of the authors surprisei Angry Birds, but be controlled by the watercraft Battle in the Bay – it is still torture. You are trying forward, then back, then around, then get on the cap and the rest. To shoot and aim a hundred times easier, but that’s the rat race on the waves – literally swayed.

Battle Bay battle on the waves

Entertainment, consequently, is sorely lacking: everything is very-very slow, sticky, flimsy. Eventually, when you pump your stallion, will be more fun – at least, it will increase the speed, then added cool guns, and Battle Bay will even be able to give a few solid portions of adrenaline. But the first two hours of a tedious routine that draws just by the concept: an action-MOBA on the water.

Battle Bay battle on the waves

As befits any half-decent game from mobile multimillionaires, Battle Bay – shareware. And this part carries a crucial factor – your team can in sink completely armless, but generous opponents. Speed and entertainment depend on the amount invested in your unit, and therefore these two parameters are directly set by amount of donation – in-game coins especially not pumped.

Battle Bay leaves mixed feelings. This is definitely a great game concept and the visible hand of the talented authors; periodically Battle Bay leaves. But crooked management and mechanics “pay to win”, introduced a priori in the competitive game, all spoils – I want to accelerate on the water surface and zhahnut on the careless dunce of all the guns. Battle Bay will allow you to do so, but only after a dozen hours or a few hundred rubles.


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