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BatteryPro: charger for iPhone and Apple Watch from Elevation Lab

Elevation Lab has announced a portable battery charger, designed for use in combination with smart watch and Apple smartphones. New compatible with the Apple Watch and the iPhone, called BatteryPro.

The product is equipped with a USB connector and cable for connecting iPhone as well as a place to install Apple Watch without a cable. Owners of smart watches with the Apple logo will be able to charge wirelessly with the wearable device with a similar disk on a stand without resorting to the usual cable.

Watch recorded a special strap so that they will remain in place, even if BatteryPro will not be in a horizontal position. When you install Apple Watch in the dock upright, they move in a special night mode.

Capacity built-in battery is 8000 mAh, the battery is charged via a micro-USB connector.

Charger went on sale price of $99 during the pre-order until June 1, has 20% discount when you use coupon POWERUP.

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