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BatteryPlus for iOS 10 will add the function fast charging and increase the battery life of the iPhone

Discharge iPhone wrong time can cause breakdown and the subsequent prolonged depression in many users. Even if you don’t have an important conversation, still phone’s dead frustrating. And if we talk urgently need — even though the bridge throw. But all is not bleak — there was a way to significantly extend the battery life of the iPhone and to accelerate the charging of its battery.

Available in Cydia free addon BatteryPlus almost unbelievable promises: to reduce the time of charge iPhone and extend its battery life. The application, at the request of the developer, has gone a long testing period and after the tenth beta is fully ready to use.

Once installed on the device BatteryPlus reduces the energy costs required to maintain system processes. Namely, the tweak “optimizes demanding energy applications/processes that are not used in the moment” that will eventually allow less to charge the device. In addition, the add-in allows you to speed up battery charging iPhone.

The developer provides a detailed description of the mechanisms of BatteryPlus, but indicates that the program needs 15 minutes on optimization and from 30 to 60 minutes to adapt the operating system. An hour after the program is installed, the device will be configured in an optimal way.

Opportunities BatteryPlus:

  • Fast charging.
  • Improving the management of active and background processes.
  • Improved management processes are in idle mode.
  • Optimization of the schedule background tasks.
  • Improved temperature control to prevent overheating of the smartphone.

BatteryPlus does not modify system files and created entirely on a Mobile Substrate. The application developer leads a screenshot of an iPhone with a 60% battery charge, which increased the waiting time is 7 hours and 39 minutes of active use – 5 hours and 3 minutes.

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Install BatteryPlus-free repository to download

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