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Battery: revenge Wylsacom

Technologer Size did not miss the chance to turn the situation in favor of Apple. In his tweet contains a veiled appeal to the ardent opponents of the Corporation.

From a combination of the names of the companies make a bad pun:

Users began to discuss who was committed to the rotation. May not be the only South Korean competitor of the company.

Some hypotheses about the health iPhone.

Others took advantage of the gathering of experts and solve the pressing problems:

And someone asks the eternal questions:

By the way, why indeed?

Say what you will, the business Apple’s approach very effective. The Corporation has always been somewhat notorious, with Steve Jobs its product policy was somewhat harder than Tim Cook. The conflict of quality, durability of product and sales growth of any company has long been known.

Some manufacturers manage to make the provision of additional services intentionally limit the other margin products. Behavior Apple is more like the first: the support centers, warranty replacement program, the App Store is filled with apps… If corporations didn’t care, she would have released 4 smartphone a year, and otherwise would have forgotten about the free software updates.

Perhaps, like any crisis, the problems with batteries of the iPhone, combined with the imperfection of iOS 11 will result in 2018 improved battery and a well-polished versions of the operating system.

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