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Batman: The Telltale Series – interactive TV series about a man-bat

Since then, the company Telltale has received the prestigious video game award, let’s be honest, the brilliant first season of the Walking Dead, the office moved to the Stakhanovite output. How many games does Telltale – this question did not answer every fan interactive series; not a fan at all confused. Something in the universe of Borderlands – is still or over? – then Wolf Among Us, still doing the “Game of thrones” (bad). Ah, even as the story of Minecraft! Where there’s Batman? As it turned out, is where Telltale in his trademark style, tells the story of a man in a bat costume, and I always range from “good” to “God, this is brilliant.”

Exposure to the following: Bruce Wayne is promoting Harvey dent (the da still a whole person) in the chair the mayor, when it mixes with gray Falcone with a dramatic conversation between Wayne and the godfather of the mafia of Gotham city begins General conflict, which is already in the first episode of the loops of the strings are. Parallel to Batman is experiencing ambivalent feelings towards the Female cat that is experiencing ambivalent feelings for Batman; in the midst of this farce once again raises the question – if all is right with the mind of a billionaire, maragoudakis with a latex suit with a Flirty protruding ears.

However, it is admitted – as more Telltale pays attention to Batman in the costume classic: Bruce unwillingly turns into an urban intrigue, negotiating with different notorious citizens and in his spare time listens to all the familiar rumors of crazy town – there are then some in the form of a bat, tired already. A strained relationship the hero and Commissioner Gordon – as one would trust Batman, but keeps his ears open. In the first episode of Telltale beautifully hung on the walls of the scenario of the gun, so in the story there is no doubt – writes, apparently, the main part. Intrigue, killer dialogues, the twists and cliffhanger – it’s all there and will continue.

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Questions for the game exactly two and both are as old as the art Studio. The first question – “nonlinearity” you can still write in quotes or something has changed? Probably not – even before the opening credits you are offered a few times to make a choice, but almost certainly all of the options will lead to the same result. The second game that ever will be or is already? Again, little hope – there is a primitive mini-games and “swipe down” on the influence of the player is exhausted. The first season of the Walking Dead compared to this – just a designer of gameplay options.

Another problem lies in the porting – Telltale has always been a weak mobile version, but the company slightly surpassed himself. First, the game shamelessly brakes on any “aypeda”, which is not called Pro or Air 2. Second, the graph periodically playing the fool: missing texture “jump” coverage and stuff like that. Well, the “ladder” are annoying, too – not to say that Batman just get too technical. No, just a regular picture.

And yet, despite this, waiting for the second episode. Because there are more questions than answers, and really want to be the opposite.

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