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Barclays: the iPhone 8 will be able to surpass the success of its predecessors, but easily will give odds to any Android flagship

Analyst at Barclays Makr moskovitz is confident that the hotly anticipated iPhone 8 will be able to improve the result in comparison with its predecessors due to the lack of factors that were observed before the appearance on the market iPhone 6. One frameless OLED display is not enough to become the most popular model in the lineup, he said. At the same time, the new Apple will show a better result than any rival Android flagship.

According to rumors, the price of the iPhone 8 will start at $1000, it is unlikely to spur sales on a wordly level. For example, sales of the iPhone 6 for the first year amounted to 231 million units. According to analysts, Apple is unlikely to implement at least 230 million iPhone 8.

According to Fast Company, June was a busy month with the “floating in the air of panic” for engineers and designers of Apple in the team involved in the development of the iPhone.

Sources claim that Cupertino is now frantically trying to fix issues with the software in the iPhone 8, which could significantly delay production and sales launch. If Apple can’t solve these problems quickly, the new flagship can be presented without the main pieces.

“We do not believe that OLED will be the decisive factor in choosing iPhone 8. The battery life can be increased thanks to the use of OLED, it’s true. But as for the displays, our contacts with the industry indicate that most consumers do not consider the transition from LCD to OLED from the category must have”, – analysts say.

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In recent years, the smartphone market is saturated, so the growth that was observed in 2015, will not be exact, added to Barclays. The experts are right, only time will tell.

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