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Banned BlackBerry, the Typo keyboard will appear in the online Apple store, but only for iPad Air

A few days after the devastating defeat in the court of BlackBerry manufacturer of covers for keyboards for iPhone announced the proposal for tablet owners. We are talking about the keyboard for the iPad Air. To sell your accessory the company intends in the online Apple store.

It is known that under the agreement, Typo is no longer permitted to produce covers for devices with screen size less than 7.9 inches, i.e. smartphones. They stood out a mechanical keyboard, almost completely copied the design of the BlackBerry keyboards. As for accessories for tablets, the company is free to sell their products, as it is done in a completely different style.

New cover with the Typo keyboard is designed for iPad Air the first and second generations. Novelty is a standalone input device that combines the function of a protective case. Users are invited to “fast, comfortable and intuitive typing”, as well as the convenience of hotkeys for iOS – such as “cut”, “copy” and “paste”. Keyboard uses full size keys with short stroke.

The Typo case has a stand that allows you to lock the iPad in a comfortable position. The keyboard unit is attached to the device with magnets.

Sales of the Typo in the Apple Store, you should begin shortly. Manufacturer rated gadget at $189.

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