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Ballmer: the decision to rescue Apple in 1997 was the most crazy thing to do Microsoft

Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple in 1997 to support the nearly bankrupt company. “This is the most crazy thing you did with Microsoft in the company’s history,” – said in an interview with Bloomberg ex-CEO Steve Ballmer.

First, Ballmer was asked what he thinks about the statements of the head and of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in an interview in 2003 about the reluctance to turn Amazon into a “country club” like Microsoft. In the year Ballmer was head of Microsoft.

First the ex-the head replied that Amazon is competing with Microsoft in the “cloud computing”. He also noted that Amazon is fighting with Microsoft for a talented workforce. In addition, the center of each of the companies is located within the city of Seattle.

But then the ex-Microsoft CEO was more blunt: “I believe that they are not the kind of place where people want to work. Anyone who ever left Microsoft [for Amazon], we can expect that he’ll be back in a year or two, because it’s not the best place to work on innovative things.”

When they began to discuss Apple, Ballmer said that Apple “did a great job”. But she should be thanking Microsoft.

“In 1997 when Steve returned and the company was almost bankrupt, we made an investment in Apple, said Ballmer. – This is the most crazy thing that ever made Microsoft”. According to him, now Apple is the most valuable Corporation in the world, but the company must remember to whom it owes it.

On the question of whether Apple automobile company in 10 years, Ballmer replied that he did not exclude that possibility.

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“You need to ask Apple. I think to make the cars much harder than everything I tried in Cupertino before that. I applaud Tesla, but Tesla is still a relatively small company. If there are other people who are able to invest “smart” software in cars, then Yes. Perhaps it will be Apple,” said Ballmer.

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