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BACtrack Skyn – “smart” bracelet for the Apple Watch, which monitors the level of alcohol in the blood

Company BACtrack, specializing in the production of PBT, has released a smart bracelet for the Apple Watch capable of measuring alcohol content. A new product called Skyn continuously monitors the level of alcohol in the blood of the owner and passes this information to your paired mobile device.

To obtain the data is based on fuel cell technology, similar to that used by law enforcement. From existing analogues on the market BACtrack Skyn is less bulky design and more elegant design.

Although Skyn is no substitute for a breathalyzer used widely by police, as in this case, the measurement procedure takes up to 45 minutes, the device can be used for longer monitoring the level of alcohol in the blood of a particular person. Ordinary people can use the device to track their aldosterone and share collected information with their doctor.

The device can warn the user that “had enough”, or time to remind you that today he is driving. In addition, if alcohol is detected in the human body, seeking to get rid of the dependence, the device sends a notification to his family.

Doctors, police officers and officials have been trying to find a technology to determine the level of alcohol in the blood. Traditional portable breathalyzer are bulky and can cost over $1000, in addition, they do not provide continuous monitoring of alcohol level in the blood.

Skyn beginning of sales is scheduled for the second quarter of 2017, and the cost of the bracelet will be $99. In the competition of Wearable Alcohol Biosensor Challenge device took first place in accuracy.

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