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Back to basics: Microsoft has renamed Windows smartphone Windows Mobile

Disputes will be referred to as “mobile” version of Windows 10 that did not abate until now. Itself Microsoft, even releasing pre-Assembly of the platform, kept me wondering, calling it Windows 10 for Phones. Last year the vast Network appeared rumors that in the case of “ten” the software giant will return to the brand of Windows Mobile in the first half of 2000-ies was the name of its OS for smartphones and PDAs. Now these rumors were fully confirmed in the official blog of the Redmond Corporation has recorded, which shows all major version of Windows 10.

Windows 10 for smartphones will be called Windows 10 Mobile. It will be installed on the mobile device with a small diagonal touch screens — smartphones and compact tablets. Contains the same generic application that Windows 10 Home, but in addition they carries touch-friendly Office. In addition, in the framework of Continuum functions in her ability to turn the smartphone into an almost complete PC by connecting it to a large monitor.

In addition, Microsoft talked about other future versions of the operating system: users will be available seven versions of the OS. Basic Home Windows 10 for consumers that will be installed on most computers; Windows 10 Pro, which will be similar to Windows 8 Pro and is aimed at business customers.

Also there will be Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise for the enterprise market, Windows 10 Education for educational institutions, and Windows 10 IoT Core for small electronic devices.

The timing of the release of the above assemblies changes yet — for computers, laptops and tablets Windows 10 will be released next summer, for the rest of the device categories final release date is not determined even approximately.

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