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Avocadolist – best app for shopping list

To go to the store, clutching in his hand a piece of paper with a shopping list – is no longer relevant. Now it is accepted to score a long line of products in your phone: notes, “texting” and even the calendar. But it’s not comfortable! After all, there are all kinds of applications where a shopping list can be shared, save it and try to edit. One of these programs – Avocadolist.

First of all, the app will ask you to register – do not be lazy. Because of this you will be able not only to make shopping lists, to send whom he wills, and edit and sharing. A simple example of use: the company intends to purchase for the celebration nearest anniversary date. Someone most economic is a list of all discards (by SMS, email or through the app), and friends decide, what to remove and what to leave. This is not to mention banal “son, go to the store” and following the provision of all necessary for the purchase of positions.

This is useful, but, in General, common options, the authors of “Avocado” added an interesting detail – the products can be mounted picture. Absolutely wonderful feature, especially for those men who poorly distinguish one kind of sausage from another. If subidentifiers to take photographs of all objects from the list, then you can once and for all to end the bitter exclamations of his wife or mother in the spirit of “I told you Krakow!”.

The program’s interface is comfortable, clearly designed for the widest range of users. Two tap add a product, one touch of his strike – if you have already bought. Make personal lists, group, share – it a couple of taps.

In addition to the direct purpose of forming the shopping list, the app can still other things. For example, will help you do the family bookkeeping in the process of driving products to the list you can specify the cost and the estimated number of purchases. If all complete honestly, “Avocado” will calculate how much you will spend on this shopping and will help you to optimize costs, if the amount you are not satisfied with. Another option to save – a cost comparison of products, based on their weight. What will cost more – four kilograms of bananas or 700 grams of pork? Avocadolist prompt.

Losing weight and sympathisers citizens assess the application built-in calculator calorie. Just enter the number of calories per 100 g of the product specified on the package, and the total weight of the goods, and then “Avocado” figure out how many calories it will cost you. For clarity, the application compares the entered amount of calories with other products. For example, the caloric content of 300 grams of cake on the level of a few kilograms of cabbage. Motivating.

Avocadolist – app free. No “Pro-version” and other ways to monetize no – download it and use it. Even the ads are not popping up; for the people.

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