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Avocadolist: a lifesaver for the forgetful shopaholics

All of us from time to time have a grocery shopping to replenish the fridge. This, of course, a common phenomenon, but, as a rule, we stand in the way of our forgetfulness and disorganization. If you also have a habit to call home to clarify everything you bought or not (and if not go to the store again, detecting that something was still missing), we strongly recommend that you use one of the specialized applications in the App Store, which just serve to create visual shopping lists, saving your time and nerves.

One such application is a service with the telling title Avocadolist. When you first start you will be prompted to register via a mobile phone number by entering a code from the received SMS-message – registration is useful if you wish to grant access to any of your lists to someone else: this is useful in cases where, for example, need to organize with friends a party and agree on a shopping list, or when it became necessary to send someone back from working family members with a list of necessary purchases.

Creating and populating lists is straightforward and easy: to create a new need to select the appropriate menu item and in the opened window, tap on the “New purchase”. Next, enter the first letters of the names of the needed product, and in the recruitment process will receive proposals on the basis of printed letters – that is, to add a new product it is not necessary to type it’s full name.

The app boasts an extensive, regularly updated database that has the names of almost all more or less popular products. It is very convenient that when I swipe” list or product it is possible to quickly edit, delete or copy.

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Avocadolist allows you to conveniently share lists with other users. In the settings tab, you can view the original tutorial and tips on using the program, to rate the app in the App Store, contact the developer and view other apps.

The application is completely free, download Avocadolist for iPhone and Android devices.

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