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Aviasales — what’s new in the best search engine for cheap tickets?

Perhaps there is not one reader whose smartphone has never been installed the application Aviasales. One of the best search engines of tickets helps out during the preparations to travel, vacations and other traveling. But time does not stand still – the service is refreshed, acquiring new functions, features and chips. Recently Aviasales “flew” to version 5.0. It’s time to figure out what’s changed.


The first thing that catches the eye is the new interface. Authors are slightly redrew the design and improved navigation, simplified search of tickets. Added a useful line about the Luggage – Aviasales now says if you can bring any suitcase.

It is no secret that most of the low cost baggage is charged separately, which can cover the cost of the ticket. To deprive you of such surprises at the airport, the application proactively displays the allowed transport regulations. For example, hand Luggage up to 8 kg. in addition, directly from the app to see how much it will cost an extra piece of Luggage.

Another important function is the user profile. To log in, just go through any social network (or via mail to gmail). Operates the profile is very interesting: in particular, you are prompted to enter basic data, so you don’t have to tediously fill in the fields when purchasing tickets. All data will be entered automatically. And no, information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands — your passport details are only stored on the phone.

A separate plus profile – you will be informed about price fluctuations in any direction. On any your device will be notified if the price drops. And in the app you can follow the variation of prices in the tab “favorites” – if just notifications you little.

Favorites in Aviasales

In addition, all settings, filters and searches will remain in the memory profile. It’s convenient: asked search, say on the IPED, and then went “surfing” for the iPhone. And one final touching shtrishok: while you are not logged in, the app will call you a “Cat”. Meow.

The rest is all the same Aviasales, which it is necessary to swing anyone who flies more than once a year. Application, recall, does not sell tickets directly. Service is looking for all the options, compares them, giving the best.

Over time Aviasales has got a bunch of cool features. “Map of prices” allows a quick look at next (and not only) countries, finding out how much it will cost on a trip to, say, Budapest. There are interesting statistics. The app will tell you how many delayed flights or other carrier, and what aircraft he flies. Useful stuff, if you don’t want to suddenly get stuck in some airport far from home.

Aviasales is still one of the best services on search of tickets is in the post-Soviet space certainly. Now the app has become even better after a number of isolated innovations. So don’t wait until the end of the second half of the summer – ahead to travel!

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