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Average salary for iOS developer in Russia from 64 000 to 120 000 rubles

Average salary of application developer for iOS in Russia is 64 000 to 120 000, depending on the region. Such results of research of portal SuperJob.

The duties of the iOS developer include: developing mobile applications for iOS, supporting, and optimizing mobile applications, participation in debugging and testing of applications, deployment of apps in the App Store. 97% of candidates for the position of iOS developer – men. The majority of applicants were young people aged up to 30 years (75%). Higher education are 73%. 29% of applicants are proficient in English free or conversational level.

Average salary of a iOS developer in Moscow is 120 000 rubles in St. Petersburg – 98 000 roubles, in Volgograd – 64 000 rbl., in Voronezh – 66 000 roubles, in Ekaterinburg – 82 000 rubles, in Kazan – 66 000 rbl., in Krasnoyarsk – 74 000 rubles, in Nizhny Novgorod – 71 000 rbl., in Novosibirsk – 78 000 rbl., in Omsk – 64 000 rubles, Perm – 72 000 rbl., in Rostov-on-don – 72 000 rubles in Samara – 72 000 roubles, in Ufa – 66 000 rbl., to Chelyabinsk – 71 000 rbl.

The study noted that the starting position of iOS developers are open to applicants with incomplete higher education, technical or IT. Candidates must know the subject area, HTTP and XML, the principles of object-oriented programming, development environment, Cocoa/Xcode, programming languages Objective-C, Swift. Salary offers for staff without experience in Moscow will start from 55 000 rubles, in St. Petersburg – from 45 000 rubles.

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The following salary range for candidates with experience of iOS development at least 1 year experience with version control systems and design patterns. Candidates should know the programming languages C/C++, principles of client-server interaction models of applications, design patterns, common library, iOS Human Interface Guidelines and the iOS SDK. You need the ability to understand someone else’s code, knowledge of “technical” English. An additional advantage will be experience in the practical application common libraries. Salary offers to candidates that meet the requirements specified, $ 75 000-90 000 rubles in Moscow, 60 000-75 000 rubles in the city on the Neva.

To qualify for a higher income can developers iOS apps with higher education (occupational or technical) and experience of over 2 years. Jobs require the candidates knowledge of libraries and iOS architecture, methods of organization of the development process in the team (Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall), regulations and requirements for releases in the App Store, scripting languages (Ruby, Python). Be sure the portfolio is complete and published in App Store applications. Also requires experience with Core Data experience developing client-server applications, experience in application optimization and refactoring someone else’s code. Additional competitive advantage in the labor market are candidates who have previously developed apps for other platforms. Salary offers for the iOS application developers with experience of 2 years in Moscow reach 125 000 rubles in the Northern capital – 105 000 rubles.

The highest salary, employers offer candidates with experience in developing applications for iOS from 3 years. Applicants with required experience in development of large projects with complex user interfaces. Additional advantages for experienced developers will serve as fluency in English and leadership skills by a group of programmers. The maximum salary for application developers for iOS in Moscow – 250 000 rubles in St. Petersburg – 205 000 rubles.

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